"I was a PR sceptic before working with Catalyst but the relationship they forged transformed my opinion of the value of public relations. Their ability to execute is excellent." Alan Hayes - Founder & Managing Director, AMG Systems


"A seismic change going from 2 journalists per press conference to 20+." John Goodyear - Marketing Director, Fujitsu Europe


"Sarah was a key contributor in creating a new marketing platform for the KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Scientific research segment. The great content she provided helped us change the conversation and to engage differently with our customers." Kritin Barrett - KIMTECH* Category Manager Europe, Kimberly-Clark Professional*


"Shackleton companies have worked with Catalyst on more than one occasion. We have been impressed by the team’s energy, dedication and persistence. Over the years, Catalyst's results have been outstanding. I am happy to unhesitatingly recommend the team to anyone considering working with them." Deborah N. Hudson - Partner, Shackleton Ventures


"The most successful press conference in the history of the company. When your channel tells you to cut your advertising as the PR company is doing such a good job, you know something is right." Ali Demin - Sales & Marketing Director, Samsung


"John and Vibeke created an award winning, marketing communications programme that has very impressively raised the profile of AMG. It has been gratifying to see the positive citations of AMG’s work in various trade publications.” David Hudson – Investment Director, Strathdon


"Sarah is able to plan ahead and assess possible hurdles before they occur. Her planning and efficient handling of workloads means that she is able to meet deadlines. An eye for detail ensures that projects are complete and also presented well." Alasdair King - Veterinary Adviser, Intervet

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